Sunday, September 21, 2008

Playin' at the skate park

So last night we decided to take the boys down the street to the local skate park - one of there very favorite things to do. But I was surprised to see Paige come out with the camera. I asked her why, and her reason was so that she could get some pictures of the boys for the blog! We never take that camera anywhere. So if starting this blog encourages us both to take more pictures of the kids, then that alone will be worth it. Since she made the effort, I decided to post several of our favorite pictures on our blog. Hope you enjoy..... (and as a side note, I would have about giving anything as a kid to have such a cool place to play.)


DeVries Family said...

What the $#^&*#@&%*#$^&????
I had to find your freakin blog on Ashley's! You are a crap friend...just teasin! You made up for it by ALREADY having mine on it!!! Thanks Man!!!

Mindy said...

Your boys are getting so big! I remember when I was engaged to Ryan, Lance was a little toddler. That feels like forever ago! Anyway, cute boys, cute family! Miss you guys.

Shellie said...

SURELY you guys have done something since the skate park. Lance, Austin and Zac have all probably grown blog blog!