Friday, September 19, 2008

Austin Matthew Hinckley

This is Austin. He is 4 years old as of his last birthday, which was August 6th. He is my favorite. One of his favorite things to do is "snuggle" with dad. It's dad's favorite thing too. He has a spot close to my heart, as most mornings he wakes up to say, "let's just stay in bed all day!" Gotta love that! He is currently in preschool with some of his friends. He really has a good time, and even got to go to the firestation in Stansbury Park yesterday for a field trip. Austin says some of the goofiest and funniest things for a 4 year old. None of which I can remember right now, but that is why Paige will be doing most of the posts....
But remembering our kids this way and the things they say are a lot of the reasons we wanted to start blogging. Austin, when Lance reads this to you, mom and dad love you very much! I have about a million nicknames for all of the boys, and can't think of a favorite one for Austin right now. I think I have been using "pumpkin butt" the most lately. I like to stick to the seasons with my nicknames.

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DeVries Family said...

What a buttcrack...I mean dang cute little man!!