Friday, September 19, 2008

Lance Jonathan Hinckley

This is Lance. He is our oldest, having turned 6 on June 10th this year. He is my favorite. We love to have all kinds of fun together, and he loves to play - non-stop. In fact, it is currently 9p and Paige is going to get him from the neighbors right now. Good thing it is Friday. He is in 1st grade at Rose Springs Elementary, and his teacher is Mrs. Fairchild. He says that he likes her, but I don't remember liking any of my teachers back then....
He does really well in school. He is an excellent reader, can count to "infinity", and is really good at math. He is a wonderful son, and a perfect addition to our family. Lance, since you can read, Mom and Dad sure love you. Our favorite nickname for him right now is "butt-thunder 5000". See, can't you tell Paige really loves a house full of boys?

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DeVries Family said...

I miss you man...Lance is such a handsome little turkey...can't believe he's 6 already! I was just thinking about the day you had him last week. I didn't believe that you were really in labor that early and ready to deliver Jonathan had to convince me that you were really at the hospital!!!!