Friday, October 17, 2008

A Tribute to the End of Summer

Okay, I am sorry everyone. I didn't think we would be so long in between posts. But being new to this, we are still learning.... I also haven't taught Paige how to do a post yet, and my time is few and far between. Well, not that Paige has any more time than me. But maybe if we both try, it will happen more.

I think you probably want to see more pictures than hear me blab, so lets get to it. Paige and her mom and sisters went to Thanksgiving Point a week or two ago, and these are some of the pictures that I like the best. Enjoy!

Preston and Austin messing around.

Getting all of the kids together for a group shot isn't easy. This is one of the best ones.

Lance playing peek-a-boo.

Cheesing it up for the camera. Too cute!

I love how his eyes are so blue in this picture.

Preston and Jake. These two brothers are the best.

Austin and Alexa rolling down the hill.

Hailey having a lot of fun. She is a little Angel.

Zac being serious. Each new day he has more hair.

Sweet Addy.

Zac having the time of his life his first time on the swing.

And finally, Zac and Austin playing on the swings.


DeVries Family said...

Woohoo! It's about time! Get that lady trained so she can post pictures of those cute little monkeys!! I love the pictures! Zac is tooooo cute! So funny how he looks like his brothers but not really...? If that makes sense? Austin is a crack up! Lance is old! Man! Time flies by!! So GOOD to see your family!!!!!!
Love you guys!

megan thomas said...

yeah! your back. Im not much better. I call myself a busy lazy person. I'm way too busy to blog, but I can spend hours reading every one elses. Cute pics of Thanksgiving point. We had lots of fun that day. Its crazy that Zac has like 3 times the hair he did just a few short weeks ago. Thanks again for coming and staying with us. It's always a great time!

greatbon said...

It's about time. Looks like a fun time, those boys are so handsome. It's nice to keep up with what you do. I like it that a guy does a blog, you can keep it up!

MindiCeleste said...

Paige!! Hey there. I was just looking at Annie's blog, and saw your name, so I thought I see if it was really you. Amazing!Your boys are adorable. It has been way to long. This is Mindi Diaz (Pearson) by the way. Good to see you have entered the blogging world.

DeVries Family said...


Britney said...

Hi Paige, this is Britney Christopherson. Megan just left me a comment on my blog and I linked yours through her.
That SO fun you have all boys after coming from a family of all girls. I have two boys and sometimes I'd ask my Mom something about them and she would tell me she has no clue about boys. :) So fun to see your cute family!
Feel free to link back leave me your email for an invite to see my blog.