Thursday, May 14, 2009

America's Favorite Past Time!

Ahhhh, America's Favorite Past Time. The past two years, Lance has played T-Ball out here in Tooele. This year he is playing Machine-Pitch Baseball, and he ROCKS! He keeps improving from game to game. These are pictures from tonight's game. He had hits all at bats, and never got out. He played catcher, 3rd base, 2nd base and center field. He tagged a few guys out, and did really well. We are very proud of him! His team this year is the LA Dodgers, and tonight they played the Indians.

Below: Running hard from 2nd to 3rd....... ( I love the look on his face.....)

Below: My timing wasn't very good, but he hit in to the outfield on this swing.....


(We did a bonus of two posts tonight since it has been forever, so see the next post too for pics of all the boys.....)


greatbon said...

Way to go Lance, you are awesome!

DeVries Family said...

Sweet!! Nothing I enjoy more than a crowded field on a HOT summer day with the hot sun in your eyes and 2 of your children crying at you because they are hot and bored...except watching my 7 year old play the best game of his life and LOVING every second of it!!! Serously, kind of a hassle, but I can't get enough of my boys sporting careers! Glad that they keep us busy with all that they are passionate about!!

DeVries Family said...

Way to go Lance!!! Awesome hit man!